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Shortly after establishing his private practice, Dr. Raack enrolled in a two year training program with the Academy of Gp Orthodontics. The Academy of Gp Orthodontics is a well-respected international organization that is dedicated to training general dentists the discipline of orthodontics. Dr. Raack learned the orthodontic technique known as “Tip Edge”. It is considered by many to be the most up-to-date and effective method of moving teeth.

Dr. Raack has successfully used the “Tip Edge” technique to treat a wide variety of dental problems for both children and adults.

This is a time-lapse video of an actual orthodontic patient being treated by the
tip-edge technique.
  “There are several advantages for me, a general dentist, to be able to provide orthodontic treatment to my patients. First of all, when I am faced with a restorative situation, or as some people like to call it, a smile makeover, I can combine my knowledge of both orthodontics and general dentistry to offer options to my patient. This, in turn, gives my patient the opportunity to make a more informed decision which best satisfies his wants, needs and budget.”

“Another advantage is that we can better monitor how our patients, especially kids, are doing with their home care. When necessary, we work with them to improve their brushing and flossing and in many cases we provide more frequent cleanings. I like to see the teeth not only straight but healthy as well."

Dr. Raack has been a member of the Academy of Gp Orthodontics for 25 years where he has served as President and sat on the Board of Directors. He has many hours of continual education in orthodontics completed a residency in more advance orthodontic techniques.